Global demand for fish will reach 150-160 million tons by 2030. Since 1970, global aquaculture production, including aquatic plants, has grown at an annual rate of 9% to reach 66.7 million tons (valued at US$ 85.9billion) in 2006. This growth rate is greater than any other food producing system. Without aquaculture, a global shortfall of approximately 50-80 million tons of fish and seafood is projected.


The technology involved in aquaculture has not shown any real advances. The nets are based on the common nylon and plastic materials. These have the great disadvantage that they get torn easily and don’t last more than 3-4 years, because of the very rough conditions of sea water and sun. The result is that fish is expensive.


DURASTEELNET is a metallic net which will be used in the aquaculture fish cages. The originality of this net is that every joint of the net is 100% flexible! The joints are not solid, but there is a link that enables the four adjacent connectors to bend freely. Because of its structure, it has the advantage of being extremely durable and easy to use, like nothing else in the market until now.

Main competitive advantages of DURASTEELNET

Lower maintenance costs


Increased fish production

  • Durability over time. You can keep the same net for more than 20 years, where in current market you need to buy new cages every 3-4 years.
  • More oxyzen for the fish. The problem of biofouling is minimal because of the metallic material of the net.
  • Bigger production by providing more plankton for the fish. Strong currents cannot move the DURASTEELNET because it has much less restriction, so the cages can be placed in open sea.
  • Better fish quality – less chemicals. The increased water flow and plankton cause the use of less chemicals.
  • Deeper cages. Current solutions cannot go deeper than 15m.
  • There are no tears in the holes, so there are no losses in fish that swim away in the sea.
  • Faster oxyzenation of the fish. The holes of the net are bigger and therefore the flow of the water is faster.